Park the Hate in Charleston

Dr Stuart Pimm (@StuartPimm), Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology Duke University, will lead a prestigious team of satirical scientists to finalize the estimate of cars. They will draw from on-the-ground observer data and images of the parking lot captured by drone. Their transferable skillsets in this department come mostly from counting elk, sharks, and elephants from airplanes. Please note that the aerial image with any identifying features of the attendees will not be shared with the public. Results will be announced live via twitter #donatethehate and updated regularly on facebook (, as the results come in.  

UPDATE!  The number is now final.  Just before dusk, when the drone had to ground, we counted 180 cars in the parking lot. Things were complicated on the ground because SC's Governor and several would-be leaders showed up and were whisked away into VIP lots. Nevertheless, using our sophisticated forecast modeling and data from the greeters counting cars as they pulled in, we arrived at a robust estimate of the final number. Thanks to the drone operator, science team, and you!! 


"If others are happy, we will be happy. If others suffer, ultimately we all suffer."
— Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama
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