Park the Hate in Charleston

Park Your Hate Right There, Buddy

#Flipthescript: Use Steve Bannon's Support to Resist his Demagoguery 

Welcome to the Park the Hate in Charleston Park-a-thon!
For folks who missed the run-up, we're leaving the donations open until November 17th.
It's not to late to help fight hate!

Our Fundraising Goal:




Pledge Drive Schedule

Registration & Fundraising Begins: Friday, November 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM
# of Cars Announced 6:30 PM Nov 10, 2017 live tweet from #donatethehate


Steve Bannon is coming to Charleston, SC, on November 10 to find a friendly audience for his trademark rhetoric. Real Charlestonians don't want to support a provocateur - they want to fight hate nationally and by building community! We invite you to subvert Bannon’s divisive messages by pledging money for charities that support human dignity and compassion in Charleston and across the country. We are offering the opportunity to use fear-mongering and alt-right media stunts to encourage the better angels of our nature.

It works like this: for the hour before the event, observers on site will try to count every car entering the auditorium parking lot to see Bannon. At 6:15, when he takes the stage, our team of scientists, led by Duke University's Stuart Pimm, will use an aerial image to give us an official total number of carloads of alt-right attendees at the event. (The image will not be shared to the public.) Follow along on twitter #donatethehate to find out how much your pledge was worth! You can sponsor the event for an amount per car (we will cap the potential pledge at a maximum of 250 cars, no matter what the scientists come up with). You also have the option of making a one-time donation instead of a pledge per car. 

Please choose a team that suits you on the menu to the left, click through, and make your pledge. And read up on the hard-working, love-building charities who will benefit. They DESERVE your attention!!




"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
— Mahatma Gandhi
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